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To build a “one stop” resource center offering consulting and educational resources in strategic areas, including:

Educational Development 

Advance the field through:

a. The development of resources and materials (such as the Peoplehood Toolkit)

b. Empowering educators through training and dissemination of resources.

Intellectual Development

Catalyze and enrich the Peoplehood conversation, and in particular the practical and policy oriented dimension, through publications (such as the Peoplehood Papers) and conferences.

Convening the Field

Develop networks of leaders and practitioners (such as the Round-table) that will move the agenda of Peoplehood in practice forward.

Organizational and Leadership Development

a. Assessment of organizational capacity

b. Development of organizational vision and implementation strategies

c. Lay leadership development

d. Professional development

e. Development of custom-made Peoplehood curricula and programs

f. Development and implementation of leadership development modules

g. Research and evaluation



A monthly blog from a diverse group of Jewish leaders and thinkers that covers all aspects of Jewish Peoplehood as well as practical implications for Jewish organizations, schools and communities.


A comprehensive resource for Jewish educators and communal leaders interested in questions of Jewish collective belonging, global community and mutual responsibility that includes tools that address the what, how, and my of Peoplehood programming.

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Impact studies, program evaluations, and strategic planning and consulting services in areas touching on Jewish Peoplehood, Jewish community, education and culture, Israeli-Diaspora relations, and Israeli culture and politics.

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