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About Jewish Peoplehood

Peoplehood is the space within which we can speak about the meaning of belonging to the Jewish People today. Peoplehood is a framework for grappling with what the Jewish People is, why it is important and how we nurture and assure its future.

In times of change, Peoplehood provides the ability to talk about road maps to the Jewish future:  

  • How do we make our collective being relevant and meaningful?

  • How to navigate as a diverse People with increasing divisiveness? 

  • How to communicate the worth of belonging?


A diverse world Jewry infused with a sense of a joint fate and destiny, and driven by the values of Areivut and Tikkun Olam.


Our Mission

To empower Jewish leaders and professionals as agents for Peoplehood, who establish Jewish collective life as relevant and meaningful in a rapidly changing world. We provide a framework for thinking about how collective Jewish values are taught and expressed through organized Jewish life locally and globally.

Our Definition of Jewish Peoplehood

Peoplehood is a consciousness that provides the foundations, purpose and meaning of Jewish collectivity.  A consciousness which nurtures collective Jewish life locally and globally, expressed through Jewish institutions, communities and education.



A monthly blog from a diverse group of Jewish leaders and thinkers that covers all aspects of Jewish Peoplehood as well as practical implications for Jewish organizations, schools and communities.


A comprehensive resource for Jewish educators and communal leaders interested in questions of Jewish collective belonging, global community and mutual responsibility that includes tools that address the what, how, and my of Peoplehood programming.

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Impact studies, program evaluations, and strategic planning and consulting services in areas touching on Jewish Peoplehood, Jewish community, education and culture, Israeli-Diaspora relations, and Israeli culture and politics.

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