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Mitya and Natasha

Mitya Zilberstein and Natasha Tazbash

Mitya Zilberstein and Natasha Tazbash are a duo of artists. Their creative partnership is characterized by a diverse approach to media, encompassing illustrations, videos, installations, objects, and texts. In their work and research, they explore the rich imagery and symbolism of Jewish culture, offering a contemporary, critical reinterpretation that challenges conventional perspectives and narratives.


Mitya studied in the Jewish Studies program 'Project Judaica' in Moscow, organized by JTS, and has additional education from the Moscow Anthropological School and the Institute of Contemporary Art.  Natasha holds a bachelor's degree in Cultural Studies and is a professional photographer.


Mitya was raised between Ukraine and Russia, while Natasha was born in Moscow. The couple moved to Israel in 2022 after a full-scale invasion of Ukraine and now live in Kibbutz Hanaton.

Some of their previous artwork can be seen here.



A monthly blog from a diverse group of Jewish leaders and thinkers that covers all aspects of Jewish Peoplehood as well as practical implications for Jewish organizations, schools and communities.


A comprehensive resource for Jewish educators and communal leaders interested in questions of Jewish collective belonging, global community and mutual responsibility that includes tools that address the what, how, and my of Peoplehood programming.

Peoplehood Tool Kit


Impact studies, program evaluations, and strategic planning and consulting services in areas touching on Jewish Peoplehood, Jewish community, education and culture, Israeli-Diaspora relations, and Israeli culture and politics.

Peoplehood Papers
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