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A collection of articles from a diverse group of Jewish leaders and thinkers that cover philosophical aspects of Jewish Peoplehood as well as practical implications for Jewish organizations, schools and communities. Over the years, the Papers have covered a large range of topics relating to Jewish Peoplehood.
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Edition 1

Jewish Peoplehood and Identity

A selection of essays on Jewish peoplehood including pragmatic suggestions on how organizations within and beyond the federation world can create new understandings and action plans around the issue

Edition 4

The Peoplehood Index

Peoplehood Papers 4 is dedicated to the "Peoplehood Index", a research project initiated by Professor Yoav Shoham and Nimrod Gur, and designed and implemented by Professor Eppie Yaar and Professor Steven Cohen. The Index, which was introduced publicly at the 2009 Herzliya Conference on a panel sponsored by philanthropist Leonid Nevzlin of the NADAV Fund, is a groundbreaking and pioneering attempt to quantify and measure different dimensions of the relationships between Jews that make up the Peoplehood texture.

Edition 7

Reinvigorating Jewish Peoplehood: The Philanthropic Perspective

For a People who chronically complain it cannot define what peoplehood means, this collection of philanthropic perspectives presents a very different picture: The essays in this volume document a wealth of innovation based on substantial research, thorough planning and creative experimentation in reinvigorating Jewish Peoplehood. One could actually say that for those concerned for the future of Jewish Peoplehood this is one of the more optimistic conversations we have encountered to date.

Edition 10

How Do We Embrace Pluralism While keeping Us Whole?

This volume seeks to reconcile Jewish Peoplehood with the concept of Pluralism. It addresses the increasing complexity of sustaining a sense of unity among Jews with diverse opinions on core issues. Contributors, who are practitioners, offer strategies and solutions to bridge these differences, aiming for a synthesis that enriches Jewish Peoplehood.

Edition 13

Jewish Peoplehood: What does it mean? Why is it important? How do we nurture it?

This collection of 20 articles delves into the essence of Peoplehood, exploring its meaning, importance, and cultivation methods. Notably, it highlights a generational shift in focus, with younger contributors emphasizing relational aspects like authenticity and inclusivity, contrasting with older contributors' emphasis on values and obligations.

Edition 17

Engaging Millennials with Jewish Peoplehood What Does It Take?

This edition explores how to engage millennials with Jewish Peoplehood, involving senior professionals, educators, and millennials themselves. It discusses the unique challenges and practical responses to these challenges, aiming to integrate Peoplehood values into the worldviews of future Jewish leaders and ensure their active participation.

Edition 20

The JCCs as Gateways to Jewish Peoplehood

This collection tells stories from JCCs globally, focusing on the challenges of keeping Judaism and Jewish Peoplehood relevant. It discusses the need for innovation and persistence in Jewish communal institutions, highlighting the complexity of these challenges and the optimism and belief in the Jewish cause shared by contributors.

Edition 23

The Israeli Diaspora – a Peoplehood Perspective

Focusing on the Israeli diaspora, this paper differentiates it from other Jewish diasporas as a recent historical phenomenon. It discusses its unique identity challenges and how it fits into the classic diasporic model, contrasting with the relationship world Jewry has with the State of Israel.

Edition 26

Building the Jewish People One Community at a Time. Updated in Light of Covid-19

The implications in identity terms are that for the rest of world Jewry, the relationship to the State was anchored in a sense of Peoplehood that preceded the State. For the native Israelis settling abroad, the challenge is to develop their own collective identity as an Israeli diaspora. If for world Jewry the sense of peoplehood also included a collective ethos and a historical communal framework the Israeli community needs to develop those in its own authentic terms.

Edition 29

A 21st Century Peoplehood with Tikkun Olam at its Heart - What does it mean and how is it done?

This paper examines integrating Jewish values into responses to global warming. It questions how Jewish collective wisdom can influence approaches to climate change and emphasizes the Jewish community's responsibility toward the wellbeing of our world, drawing parallels with Jewish communal obligations.

Edition 32

Latin American Jewish Peoplehood

Dedicated to exploring Latin American Jewish Peoplehood, this issue compares its unique features to other Jewish communities. It reflects on the historical and sociological factors influencing its development and analyzes current trends, contributing to a deeper understanding of Latin American Jewish identity.

Edition 2

A sense of belonging to a people

This edition features articles from a diverse group of Jewish leaders and thinkers and covers philosophical aspects of Jewish Peoplehood as well as practical implications for Jewish organizations, schools and communities.

Edition 5

Jewish Peoplehood and Zionism

Marking Israel's 62nd Independence Day, this issue is dedicated to exploring the evolving relationship between Zionism and Jewish Peoplehood. It delves into how Zionism adapts and remains relevant in the contemporary Jewish context, reflecting on its historical roots and future trajectory within the broader framework of Jewish identity and global dynamics.

Edition 8

Nurturing Jewish Peoplehood In The 21st Century. What Should We Do Differently?

Being part of a free world and having a State of its own presents unique challenges to the notion of collective Jewish identity. It raises substantial questions regarding the meaning of Jewish Peoplehood and the role it can and should play in Jewish life. Those challenges, as well as modern developments in our overall approach to social belonging, dramatically affect the ways one can nurture and instill a sense of Peoplehood in the 21st century

Edition 11

Jewish Peoplehood in Practice-Shifting From the “What” to the “How”

Focusing on the evolution of Jewish Peoplehood, this issue examines its current meaning and significance. It raises critical questions about nurturing a sense of Peoplehood in contemporary Jews and integrates these insights into practical strategies for Jewish education, leadership development, and community structure to reinforce collective Jewish identity.

Edition 14

Sustainability and Jewish Peoplehood

This series of essays, a collaboration between CJPE and Siach, contemplates sustainability from the lens of Jewish Peoplehood. Authors from various disciplines explore how concepts like shmita influence modern Jewish perspectives on sustainability, ranging from environmental activism to spiritual connections with nature and communal unity.

Edition 18

Jewish Peoplehood and Jewish Museums

Celebrating POLIN Museum's anniversary, this issue focuses on Jewish museums' roles in education and community building. It discusses the challenges they face in our globalized world, aiming to inspire dialogue about the impact of Jewish museums as platforms for cultural representation and as catalysts for fostering Jewish peoplehood.

Edition 21

Social Justice and Peoplehood

Examining the transformation in Jewish collective ethos towards social justice and Tikun Olam, this collection explores its development, connection to Jewish values, and impact on the Jewish ethos. It questions how this shift reflects a broader change from particularism to universalism in the Jewish community.

Edition 24

חינוך לעמיות בישראל: מחזון למעשה

ראשיתה של מהדורה זאת הייתה במפגש, ראשון מסוגו, של ארגונים העוסקים בחינוך לעמיות יהודית שהתקיים באוניברסיטת חיפה. במפגש הוצגו המיזמים הבולטים בתחום בימים אלה וגם חלק מהאתגרים העומדים בפני העוסקים המלאכה. אחת המסקנות של הדיון הייתה כי ראוי לחשוף בפני פעילי החינוך לעמיות, מקבלי ההחלטות והציבור הרחב הן משהו מהיקף העשייה המתבצעת בשטח היום, הן את החזון שמניע את הפעילות והן את אתגרי השדה. מהדורה זאת של דפי העמיות (The Peoplehood Papers) מוקדשת אם כן לנושא של חינוך לעמיות בישראל – מחזון למעשה.

Edition 27

Philanthropy and Jewish Peoplehood

This issue investigates emerging forms of Jewish communal life and innovation, aiming to inspire dialogue on Jewish communal innovation in the context of the Jewish community's current challenges. It highlights initiatives that exemplify communal innovation as a means of people building in today's Jewish world.

Edition 30

Peoplehood Education - Goals, Pedagogy, and Outcomes

Discussing the delay in developing Peoplehood education theory, this publication aims to establish foundational goals, pedagogies, and outcomes. It strives to create an educational conversation leading to a theory of change for Peoplehood education, addressing the challenge of nurturing Jewish collective consciousness.

Edition 33

The Relations Between Peoplehood Education and Israel Education

This issue examines the relationship between Peoplehood and Israel education in Jewish education. It explores their educational goals, focuses, mutual influences, and distinctions, and how they define and complement each other, contributing to a holistic understanding of these two educational sub-fields.

Edition 3

Is Israel Still the Vision and Venture of the Jewish People?

Focusing on the rising interest in Tikkun Olam, this issue, in collaboration with several organizations, explores its evolving meaning and implications for the Jewish ethos. It questions Tikkun Olam's current significance and what needs to happen to enhance its impact on Jewish and societal contexts.

Edition 6

Peoplehood - Between "Charity Begins at Home" and "Repair the World"

This issue of The Peoplehood Papers is dedicated to the topic of: Peoplehood - Between "Charity Begins at Home" and "Repair the World". More precisely (it just sounds better in Hebrew) it explores the tension between the Talmudic imperative of "Aniyei Ircha Kodmim" (your town's poor come first) and the call to do "Tikkun Olam Bemalchut Shadai" (repair the world under God's sovereignty).

Edition 9

The Collective Jewish Conversation: Its Role, Purpose and Place in the 21st Century .

This issue of the Peoplehood Papers aims at exploring the nature of the Jewish collective agenda and conversation in the 21st century. Questions relating to the essence of our covenant, to our collective mission in the world, to Jewish continuity and our commitment to the Jewish enterprise, need to be addressed. What is the Jewish collective agenda today and how and where is it to be discussed in the age of Jewish diversity? I

Edition 12

For Whom Are We Responsible? Peoplehood in the 21st Century – Balancing Particularism and Universalism

Volume 12 tackles the challenge of balancing the Jewish People's internal sustenance with their contribution to universal goals. It discusses how addressing new global challenges can redefine what it means to be Jewish and how this impacts the Jewish community's core identity and its collective future path.

Edition 16

Developing Teen Leadership with a Peoplehood Orientation: What Does It Take and Where Do We Start?

This issue starts a series on nurturing Jewish leadership with a Peoplehood perspective. It examines the unique challenges of developing collective leadership and presents practical strategies. The focus is on understanding what's needed to effectively guide the Jewish community, beginning with fostering teen leadership.

Edition 19

Our Responsibility to Refugees in the 21st Century

Peoplehood Papers 19 delves into Jewish responsibilities towards refugees, drawing on Jewish history and values. It presents current activism examples and discusses potential future actions in Israel and globally. The aim is to start a conversation on Jewish obligations towards refugees and the nature of 21st-century Peoplehood.

Edition 22

A Peoplehood Perspective

This edition addresses the shifting dynamics between Israel and world Jewry, particularly North American Jewry. It goes beyond political disagreements, bringing to light deeper disagreements and aspiring to celebrate achievements while tackling current challenges. The goal is to inspire meaningful discussions about Jewish collective ethos and relationships.

Edition 25

Towards a Peoplehood Based 21 st Century Zionism

Inspired by a 2018 gathering, this issue delves into 21st-century Zionism, emphasizing the equality of Israel and the Diaspora in Jewish destiny. It discusses core principles of modern Zionism, including the importance of a vibrant Diaspora and the cross-partisan nature of Zionist ideas and movements.

Edition 28

The Climate Crisis & The Jewish People: From “ Why ” to “ What and How ….”

Revisiting Jewish Philanthropy from a Peoplehood perspective, this issue explores the impact of Peoplehood awareness on philanthropic practices. It discusses how framing philanthropy through a Peoplehood lens can enrich and strengthen the nature of philanthropic work and collaboration in the Jewish professional sphere.

Edition 31

Building Peoplehood Through Culture and the Arts

Collaborating with JCC Global, this issue discusses Jewish culture's role in nurturing Jewish collective consciousness. It emphasizes how cultural expressions contribute to shaping the Jewish future, energizing community processes, and fostering a shared sense of destiny and memory within the Jewish community.
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