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A collection of articles from a diverse group of Jewish leaders and thinkers that cover philosophical aspects of Jewish Peoplehood as well as practical implications for Jewish organizations, schools and communities. Over the years, the Papers have covered a large range of topics relating to Jewish Peoplehood.
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Karen E. Fraiman

The Future of Jewish Peoplehood Education

David Bryfman

Jewish Belonging with and Without Israel at the Core

Lisa Grant

Being Jewish: Where Peoplehood and Israel Fit

Ezra Kopelowitz

Fusing Peoplehood, Mutuality And Technology

Scott Lasensky and Yael Rosen

Israel Education, Peoplehood Education and the Current Crisis in Israel

Shlomi Ravid

Separating Israel Education and Peoplehood Education - A Missed Opportunity at Best and Really Bad Education at Worst

Tova Birnbaum

Jewish Peoplehood, Israel Education, and Liberal Religious Jewish Identity

Benji Davis, Jeremy Maissel, and Hanan Alexander

A New Balancing Act? Teaching about Israel and Diaspora Jewish Communities in Unsettled Times

Bethamie Horowitz

Israel Peoplehoods

Anna Langer

We The People

Shalom Orzach

Israeli Americans - A Revised Approach

Zohar Raviv

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