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Jewish consciousness provides the justification and foundations of the Jewish collective enterprise. The future of the Jewish people depends on our ability to promote a consciousness of belonging to the People, its history, legacy, and destiny.


Consciousness - Peoplehood is the collective consciousness of the Jewish People. The consciousness that constitutes our collective social enterprise, our ever-evolving civilization, our aspiration to improve the world and our sense of solidarity and mutual responsibility.

The Peoplehood consciousness is the collective dimension of Judaism that frames and defines our essence and story as a people. It constitutes our communal structures and provides rationale, context and mission for the Jewish organizational system.

This consciousness which is dynamic and pluralistic turns the identity of Jews as individuals into an identity of members of a people. Developing the sense of belonging to the People, its history, legacy, and destiny, is therefore crucial to the Jewish future.

Consciousness resources

Peoplehood Papers related to consciouness. Click to download edition

Edition 1

Jewish Peoplehood and Identity

Edition 11

Jewish Peoplehood in Practice-Shifting From the “What” to the “How”

Edition 2

A sense of belonging to a people

Edition 13

Jewish Peoplehood: What does it mean? Why is it important? How do we nurture it?

Edition 8

Nurturing Jewish Peoplehood In The 21st Century. What Should We Do Differently?

Edition 30

Peoplehood Education - Goals, Pedagogy, and Outcomes

Edition 9

The Collective Jewish Conversation: Its Role, Purpose and Place in the 21st Century .

Articles related to conscisouness

What is Jewish Peoplehood? And is it the Right Question?
From Defining Peoplehood to Creating Peoplehood Capital

Dr. Shlomi Ravid

Building a Field

Dr. Ezra Kopelowitz

Between Defining Peoplehood and Exploring its Meaning

Dr. Shlomi Ravid

Peoplehood is here to be re-envisioned

Dr. Shlomi Ravid

The challenges of peoplehood 4.0

Dr. Shlomi Ravid

Additional resources related to consciousness

Tool Kit

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Peoplehood Papers

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